Base Broadcast – Jan 28 2018

U.S. Submarine Veterans Inc.
SUBVETS Groton Base
“First and Finest”
Home of USSVI and Dominic “Joe” Negri Memorial Clubhouse

Our purpose is “Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country”


1. PAO Officer

We are in need for a new Public Affairs Officer (PAO). If interested please contact the Base Commander, at

This position is very important, and it is vital we find someone for this role.

2. Lunch at SUBVETS

If you have not heard, we a cook, his name is Todd. His lunches are outstanding, so if you are looking for a place to go for lunch come on down to YOUR CLUB. Call and see what specials we have. Look in the future for Specials to be in the broadcast.

3. Come on Down and join you Shipmates and Friends for the Big Game on Sunday. Call the Clubhouse at 860-445-5262 for information.

4. Christmas Tree take down.

We will be taking all Christmas decorations down on Sunday 4 February. We wills tart at 1100, Stan Mathis will be coordinating.

5. Call for Nominations to USSVI Board. Please see below for upcoming election on the National level.

NEWS-01: Second call for nominations for the 2018 National Elections
Submitted by: Alfred H Singleman Jr on 1/4/2018
Shipmates you have until March 1st 2018 to put in your nomination letters for the 2018 National Elections.

So far the Nominees are:

  • National Commander – Wayne Standerfer
  • National Senior Vice Cdr- Jon Jaques
  • National Junior Vice Cdr – Steve Bell
  • National Secretary – Ray Wewers
  • National Treasurer – Paul Hiser
  • Western Regional Director – Jim Denzien
  • Central Regional Director- Tom Williams
  • – Carl Schmidt
  • Eastern Region North Director – Les Athschuler
  • Eastern Region South Director – Ken Nichols

If you feel you would like to run for any of the above positions please send me an e-mail at with your nomination letter stating your qualifications for the position and a statement that if elected you will accept the position.

Pride Runs Deep,
Al Singleman, Jr. Nomination's Chairman.

Meetings and Events
Visit our website at

01/30/2018 6:00 PM
E-Board Meeting
2018 Awards Program starts February 1st, 2018; Check Awards Manual
Base Archivist Submit annual report to Historical Center for USS SEA OWL Ship's Bell
02/04/2018 10:00 AM
Steak ‘n Eggs Brunch Brunch at the clubhouse

SVGB BIG GAME Party Potluck
02/05/2018 6:30 PM
Monthly Business Meeting

Chaplain's List as 1/28/18

Call, send a note, or a visit – A phone call or a visit from a shipmate means a lot, even if you don't know the person. If anyone knows of a shipmate that should be added, I don’t. Please let me know.

A reminder, there are many who have recently had or are having scheduled surgery. In most cases they have asked that I don’t put their names on this list. Your thoughts and prayers are requested for each of them.

WWII Holland Club and Life member Larry Crowley departed on Eternal Patrol on January 11 th in Fl. A letter of condolence has been sent by to his daughter by Past WWII chaplain Norm Kuzel. There will be a service locally (New London) sometime later this year, probably in June. Will advise

Binnacle List,

Please say a prayer for all who may also be under the weather including spouses and relatives. Special note: This should include those who are suffering from some debilitating illness, and may be in a nursing home, etc. There are many who come to mind that had previously been on this list.

God bless. Jack

Birthday – 29 January – 4  February 2018


*Red O'Hara
*George Bowns
*BO Bowman
*Martyn Lomax
*Matthew Labrie
*John Olson
*Ralph Pelletier
*Jack Haddock
*Jared Coers
*Cotton Talbott
*Regis Koontz
*Lenny Sinacore
*Rich Golden
*1992 New Jersey South Base 26 years old
*1992 Triton Base 26 years old
*2001 Hoosier Base 17 years old*Michael Riegel
*Michael Casella
*Alexander Hartley IV
*Fig Newton
*Dale Johnston
*Jack Gedney III
*Buffy Buffenmeyer
*Michael Shaw
*Brian Major
*Dick Kanning
*Ski Grabowski
*Michael Bonin
Parche SS 384/Ventura County Base 12 years old
*2006 USS Columbia (SSN 771) Base 12 years old
*2006 Snook Base (NW Arkansas) 12 years old
*Joe Birkle
*Walter Wyllie Jr
*Dutch Holland
*Roy Rimmele Jr
*Zachary Sesker
*Michael Ervin




Jeff Walsh
USSVI-Groton Base Commander
Ph: 860-449-2103

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